Master of Business Administration(M.B.A.)

Pattern : Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)
Duration: Two-year full time
Specialization : Dual Specialization


Considering the current requirement and present scenario of globalization and emerging trends in the Industry, Information Technology, there is need to make students aware and synchronize with the skills required in the industry. It is necessary to make changes in present curriculum of MBA.

General Objectives of the Course:

The main objective of this course is to prepare the executives and managers for top level and middle level management in public cooperative and private sector organizations. Also to prepare students for taking start ups and self employment. The emphasis will therefore, be on developing a role perception of managerial level personnel in the Indian context by exposing them to a wide range of relevant areas, sufficiently in depth so that they may gain the confidence to interact with people at all levels and develop managerial skills for translating polices into action effectively.

Program Educational Outcomes :

At the end of MBA program student should take of either of following.

  • 1. Managerial decision making through the application of knowledge of management discipline
  • 2. Set up business enterprise and manage diversified growth of entrepreneurship.

Program Outcomes :

At the end of MBA program students should be with following abilities.

  • 1. Recognize the functioning of business opportunities involvement of business enterprises and exploring the entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • 2. Develop skills on analyzing the business data application of relevant analysis and problem solving.
  • 3. Demonstrate a global outlook with the ability to identify aspects of the global business
  • 4. Identify the contemporary social problems, exploring the opportunities for social entrepreneurship, designing business solutions and demonstrate ethical standards in organizational decision making.
  • 5. Develop effective and oral communication especially in business applications, with the use of appropriate technology.
  • 6. Collaborate and lead terms across organizational boundaries and demonstrate leadership qualities, maximize the uses of diverse skill of term members in the related context.

Schedule of Teaching and Examination :

This is a full time master degree programme. The curriculum of this course is two years divided into four semesters. The teaching for Semester I and III is conducted from 1st August to 15th November (for 14 weeks) and teaching for Semester II, and IV is conducted from 1st January to 15th April (for 14 weeks). There will be an end of semester University examination in December and May for all the semesters. In addition there will be internal examinations for each paper conducted by the respective Institute.

Course Syllabus :