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    Jaywant Institute of Management
    MBA program at JIM consistently succeeded in building a powerful force in the
    field of Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, International Business, Production,.
  • Leading
    Management Institute
    JIM introduces to a range of concepts, theories and practical that will enable to analyze
    organizational contexts and functions.This force is well equipped to provide energy...
  • Jallosh
    Cultural Feast
    The institute ensures that the students remain inspired,
    motivated and thus give the best output possible at all times.
  • we Believed
    Quality Education for everyone
    To provide a platform to the students by giving them an
    opportunity to develop their career in the field of their interest.
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    Higher Education
    We provides always our best services for our students and always
    try to achieve our student trust and satisfaction.
  • develop
    Overall personality of students
    To develop overall personality of the students through Guest Lecture,Webinar,Industrial Visit
    extracurricular activities and cultural programme